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Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

heartspace craniosacral therapyCraniosacral Therapy is based on the concept that our body is self-healing. This therapy is a gentle light- touch, non-invasive healing modality. It releases restrictions around the brain, spinal cord and throughout our body, allowing one to self-heal and self-correct.

What can I expect during a session?

Clients lie on a massage table fully clothed and enjoy the serene music. Some clients feel heat on an area of the body that needs healing. Others may feel their heads and limbs move while energy moves through their bodies. For others, it’s time to take a nap! The appropriate amount of healing occurs in each session.

How long is a session, and how much does it cost?

Infants – 15 minutes, Children – 30 minutes, Adults – 60 minutes
For one practitioner, it is $80/hour
For two practitioners at the same time, It is $150/hour
Special packages are available for longer term clients.

Why is it valuable for children?

Many children today have busy lives and commitments. If tension and anxiety are not released, they can get stored In the physical body and cause issues. Children are able to release energy more quickly and can easily learn some techniques to release energy on their own.

What are some of the conditions that Craniosacral therapy may help with?

Anxiety, Headaches, Depression, Migraines, OCD, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, Digestive problems, Autism, Pre-surgery and Post-surgery

Can a loved one sit in on the session?

Absolutely! Whatever makes the client more comfortable and open.

Are there any side effects?

None. Most people feel like they have just gotten a massage without the physical manipulation.

What is Sacred Journey therapy?

Sacred Journey therapy allows clients to tap into other lifetimes in order to experience past traumas, heal deep seeded emotions and old wounds. There are two therapists assisting the client during the Sacred Journey therapy session, intensifying the healing process.

Where do you get your clients?

Some doctors and therapists have recommended craniosacral therapy as an adjunct to their current course of treatment. Others are people like you! People who are open and ready to try something new. Often it is when a person feels no relief and cannot find anywhere else to turn, they try craniosacral therapy.

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I have just completed another Cranial Sacral Therapy session with Chris and Aleks. It is amazing how much lighter, relaxed and positive I feel. They have an amazing ability to help one clear out one’s negativity. It is so cool, as it lasts for days. I highly recommend them.
Before the sessions with you, Connor was a scared, non-confident kid who, once one or two problems occurred, would spiral downhill into an asthma attack which would last for weeks. Because of you, Connor is now a confident kid who can deal with bad situations. His asthma is under control, and his outlook on life is upbeat and positive.
B. and K. K.
As a person who has practiced energy work for over the past 20 years and considers herself spiritually evolved while understanding that more work is ahead, I intentionally fly from Denver to Chicago to meet with Chris Kahlke and Aleks Kawalko. Chris and Aleks have a special, innate gift of quickly bringing individuals to a place well beyond themselves whereby healing, clearing, increased awareness and visions of greater possibility occur. This experience is integrated into the memory of the individuals’ core, which allows for true transformation to happen.
D. B. (Denver,CO)


Christopher Kahlke

chris kahlkeChris has been practicing visionary craniosacral therapy for three years. He trained with Don Massat in Tinley Park. Chris works on a variety of clients from infants to the aged. His main focus is assisting people in their quests to heal themselves in the loving, safe environment that he provides. Much of his recent work has focused on children and teens and teaching them techniques to help them de-stress and overcome obstacles.

Aleksandra Kawalko

alek kawalkoAleks has been practicing visionary craniosacral therapy for four years. She also trained with Don Massat. As a licensed massage therapist for 10 years, Aleks has been able to incorporate craniosacral techniques into her massage work. She has worked primarily with women, helping them to face and overcome physical and emotional issues.

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